We are proud and excited to be part of the community effort to prevent and manage overweight children.  5 2 1 0  is a recipe for healthy living for families and children.  This is an evidence based approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  Your child's Body Mass Index (BMI) will be calculated at each Well Child Check Up.  BMI is a better indicator of weight status, whether your child is a healthy weight, underweight, or overweight.  The principles are:

 5 servings of fruits or vegetables a day.
 2 hours or less of screen time daily (tv, video games,computer time)
 1 at least 1 hour of exercise or active play daily
 sugary drinks ( pop, koolaid, iced tea)

Great Websites for more information:

Greater Rochester Health Foundation Site:  Be A Healthy Hero.org

Lets Go.org

And several others on our Helpful Links page!

Educational materials you can read and print out at home.